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If you wish to use this website and the online store, you must accept the terms of use as they are set out in detail:

The terms of use determine the rights and obligations of the users of the online store



Any user wishing to place an order through this website and purchase products must create a personal account by selecting the "Login - Register" command at the top right of the home page.

The information you provide for your registration must be true and accurate. The use of personal data and data of third parties (natural or legal) is prohibited.

At the end of the registration you will receive a confirmation message to the e-mail address that you stated when completing the registration form.


To log in to your personal account, you will need to enter your e-mail address and password in the "Login - Register" option fields.


To place an order, the registered user of our online store must follow the following steps:

  • To select product / products, placing them in the Shopping Cart
  • Select the "Complete order" link
  • Fill in the required information and then, after accepting the terms of use, select the "Complete Order" button

After completing the order, the customer will receive a message at his e-mail address, which will detail all the details of his order: products, quantities, product codes, price of each product, additional financial charges, the total cost and contact details.


The registered user must refrain from any kind of behavior that may jeopardize the smooth operation of our company's online store.

Every ordinary or registered user of our online store, while navigating, creating an account, managing his account and placing orders must comply with the laws, these terms of use and policies adopted and implemented by our company , regulations, directives, decisions of independent and other Authorities, codes of conduct, and generally to act in good faith and business ethics.

Any attempt (action or omission) that may lead to or is intended to install viruses, or any other malicious programs on the service server, software and any action that may lead to the suspension or shutdown of the website is prohibited, of the ordering system or problems or failures of any nature and extent.

It is forbidden to commit criminal acts through the use of our website. The use of the services and the platform must be guided by the protection of minors. It is not allowed to register the user and provide consent if he has not reached the age of 16.

Actions that violate the property rights of our company (indicatively, industrial, intellectual property, trade names, etc.) are prohibited. The logos, images, insignia, distinctive features, graphics, trademarks, brand names that appear on this website are the property of either our company or third parties (natural or legal). Their copying, reproduction, use for any reason is prohibited. No permission is granted to reuse them in any way.

It is forbidden to exploit possible security vulnerabilities in order for the user of the website to gain access to confidential, confidential information of our company or to data and data of other users.

It is forbidden any intervention, change, reading of source code or creation of derivative works from the software of the website, the electronic order management system or any other information or storage system used by our company.

In case of violation of these terms of acceptable use, our company is entitled to proceed to immediate temporary deactivation of the user's account and to set a deadline for compliance and removal of the violation. It may also temporarily deactivate an account without its responsibility if it is required by exceptional reasons of consumer safety, protection of public interest or there is a legal request or order of public, judicial, etc. Principles that impose the termination on our company, as well as in case there is a substantial violation of the terms hereof, all of which are considered essential or in case of immediate and urgent technical needs or reasons for the good operation of the online store.

Final deletion of an account presupposes the prior notification of the client by the company, and its repeated non-compliance with its recommendations.

The Customer-User undertakes to take all necessary measures so that the service is safe from the access of unauthorized persons, from attempted theft and sabotage and explicitly states that he is responsible for any damage caused by fraud, negligence or misuse or omission of necessary measures to protect the equipment and from the improper, illegal or unauthorized use of its account on our website, from the failure to equip its computer with the appropriate antivirus programs, in accordance with the rest terms of this.


The completion of the order by the customer after pressing the order "COMPLETION OF ORDER" is a proposal to conclude a contract with our company. Upon completion of the order, a relevant electronic message is sent to the customer where the details of his order are displayed (product, financial charge, etc.)

Our company processes your order that is a proposal for a contract and accepts it by confirming the availability of the product and sending the relevant e-mail. In case of non-availability of the product, our company does not accept the offer and sends a relevant email.

Then, our company sends the product to the customer depending on the delivery method he has chosen.

The processing of all orders is done from Monday-Friday and hours 10.00-22.00 as well as on Saturday from 10.00-21.00.


The customer declares that he accepts the prices of the products as they are listed in and in the respective product he chooses, as well as the total amount that results with the inclusion of other financial charges (shipping costs, taxes and any other expenses). Each individual financial burden is presented to customers in a clear and unambiguous manner.

In case the charges cannot be reasonably calculated in advance, then we inform you in a clear and unambiguous manner that additional costs may be required. By accepting the terms of use of this online store, the customer declares that if he proceeds with the final submission of the order, he accepts and agrees with all the additional charges and costs.

If the customer does not agree with the total cost or the individual or additional charges for the purchase of the products or the product he has chosen, he should NOT proceed with the final submission / completion of the order.

It should be noted that after the completion of the submission of the order by the customer, the total cost specifically analyzed is sent to his e-mail address.

The company has the right to change the prices of the products at its discretion at any time. Also, without time or other restriction, it can place product offers and make discounts.


Payment for the purchase of products is made in euros (€).

The online shop offers the following payment methods:

Credit or Debit Card: Payment for the purchase of products can be made by credit or debit card. The following cards are accepted:


Bank Deposit: The customer can deposit the money in the bank account of our company, which is provided to him during the process of choosing the payment method. The deposit can be made either electronically through the banks' websites (e-banking) or by deposit at the local branches of the banks. In case of deposit in a bank account, the order is accepted by us and the customer receives a corresponding confirmation message, as soon as we confirm the credit of our company account with the purchase price of the ordered products.

COD product. The customer must show the person who will deliver the product his police ID or any other official document from which his identity can be verified.

Paypal: If you choose to pay with PayPal you will be asked to log in to your PayPal account with your personal login details.

The customer is solely responsible for the safe storage of his credit card details and other bank details. It is presumed that any payment for the purchase and payment of the price of the products is made by the legal holder of the credit / debit cards.

Our company issues an invoice or receipt and is obliged to incorporate them into the order package that will be sent to the customer.

It should be noted that the completion of the order implies the financial commitment of the customer and the obligation to pay.


The delivery of the products to the customers takes place within 30 days from the submission of the order and the confirmation that the product is available.

The delivery of the products is done through the courier company with which our company cooperates.

The customer does not have the option of choosing the courier company.

The courier company we work with has a tracking system for shipments. For each shipment, a specific tracking number is given. This number is sent to the customer's mobile and e-mail, who will be able to be informed about the progress of the product. The customer can enter this number on the website of the courier company (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX).

Our company is not responsible for delays in the delivery of products unless due to fraud or gross negligence and for reasons of force majeure.


If for any reason the customer does not wish to complete the ordering process on the store's website, then he can select the "back" order and remove from the shopping cart in his account, the products he had originally entered in it for purchase.

The customer before sending his order to him has the right to cancel the order by sending a relevant email to the email address:

In this case, the customer is refunded all the amount he had paid for the purchase of the product, additional charges, taxes and any other expenses.


You can unjustifiably withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the time of acquisition of physical possession of the products. To exercise the right of withdrawal, it is required to send to the following e-mail address

In the case of several goods ordered by the consumer with one order and delivered separately, the time limit starts from the day on which the consumer or a third party designated by him, other than the carrier, acquires possession of the last good.

Upon receipt of the withdrawal statement, we send a confirmation to the contact address you stated when sending the order. Confirmation only concerns the receipt of the statement and not its acceptance.

Our acceptance of the withdrawal statement and the refund to you is subject to the deferral of the refund to us of the product / s for the purchase of which the right of withdrawal is exercised.


In case of timely exercise of the right of withdrawal, our company returns to customers the amount of payment. The refund of the above amounts is made within 14 days from the day we will be informed by you about the exercise of the right of withdrawal and provided that the products have been returned to us without damage, without being used and without having reduced the their value.

In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal on time, the customer declares that with his own diligence and care the product he had received will be returned to our company, within 14 days from the day he sent to our company electronically the withdrawal statement.

Our company will refund all the amount received for the sale of the product to its buyer and customer, provided that the product has been delivered to our company address either in person or through a transport company or post office.

The customer acknowledges that he (and not our company) is solely responsible for the cost of returning the products to us.

CAUTION!!!! The products must be delivered in the same condition as received by the customer, with their packaging, as well as the other documents (retail receipt) with which they were accompanied upon receipt by the customer.

The seller is responsible for any damage, damage to the products as well as for the reduction of their value as a result of the management of the goods other than the one that is necessary for the determination of the nature of the characteristics and the operation of the goods.


Refunds are made using the same payment methods as those used for the original transaction.


In the event that, due to the fault of our company, a product shows a defect, there is a lack of agreed quality or a product was received that is substantially different from the one that was ordered, the customer has the right to request its replacement.

Our company bears the costs of returning the product to be replaced and shipping the new one, if the defect is due to deceit or gross negligence. In any other case, the cost of returning the product is borne by our company while the customer bears the cost of sending the new one.

The returned product is replaced with a product of the same characteristics and brand in relation to the returned one, without the existence of the defect and provided that it is available in the goods of our company. If it is not available, our company informs the customer and gives him two options, either to withdraw and get back the price he had paid or to choose a new product to buy. The new product chosen by the customer should be of equal or greater value than the returned one. If the cost is greater than the amount already paid by the customer, he is charged with the payment of their difference.

The product must be returned in excellent condition, with the original packaging in which it was placed, without any damage and without being used. The receipt or the invoice that was in the package at the time of delivery to the customer must be returned with the product.


The customer acknowledges and states that in case he has any problem or is dissatisfied with the product he has purchased, after the transaction and delivery process of the product or for any other issue related to the use of this online store, he can contact to our company by sending an e-mail to the address or call 28310-25702 (Monday to Friday 10:00 - 22:00 and Saturday 10: 00-21: 00).

Complaints are classified according to their type into two categories:

  • Complaints of great gravity
  • Minor complaints

The categorization is based primarily on the magnitude of the consequences of the problem in the interests of the customer, the consequences (financial burdens, damage to reputation, involvement in litigation) that this issue may have for our company.

In complaints classified in the first as above category, the staff of our company makes a special effort for the timely, fast and efficient settlement of the issue, with the aim of customer satisfaction.

Our company pays special attention and attention to the complaints of its customers and the degree of their satisfaction with the services provided. The complaints that have been submitted are studied and utilized by our company for the improvement of the e-commerce services it provides and for the quality upgrade of its customer service.

Our company can not guarantee the resolution of all issues and complaints submitted to the extent, time and in the way desired by each customer of the company.


The registered user by creating his account on our website, accepting the terms of use, provides explicit authorization to our company and consents to the collection and processing of his personal data that he has provided for his registration on our website (surname, name, e-mail address). In any case, the registered user reserves the right to access, correct and object to the processing of his personal data. The user has the ability to delete his account whenever he wishes.

By submitting the order and accepting the terms of use, the user consents to the collection and processing of personal data that he has provided during the ordering process by our company. In any case, the registered user reserves the right to access, correct and object to the processing of his personal data.

Our company stores, processes the data that each user of the website or its customer, enters in his account or in the electronic forms kept on the website of the store, only for the purposes of providing e-commerce services, for the processing of each other transactions, and for administrative or tax procedures.

Our company does NOT disclose any personal information concerning the customer or a registered user to any third party, unless required to process the transaction between its customer and our company, required or required by law, by court or prosecutor , from the decisions of the Personal Data Protection Authority or any other authority responsible for this purpose or concerns the legal administrative operation of our company.

The registered user agrees to the processing of his data according to the above terms and conditions.

In particular, our company transmits the data and personal data, which are necessary for the completion of the purchase and the delivery of the product to the customer, to companies that have undertaken the transport of the product (courier and postal services companies).

The company's computer, storage and information systems that support the automated processing of personal data are protected by modern technical security means. Malware protects all of our company systems, our personal computers and servers where customer data and purchasing data are stored. This is achieved through anti-virus programs and the use of firewalls, in their respective upgraded version.

The correct identification and authentication of users is ensured by the adoption of appropriate measures. These measures are described in detail below:


The minimum length of passwords that can be entered by each user of the website to create an account is 8 alphanumeric characters.

The password must consist of a combination of both letters and numbers.

The registered user / customer must take all appropriate measures to prevent the illegal use of his passwords and his account in our online store. In any case, the submission of an order through the customer's account and with the use of his personal codes, is considered to be done by the customer himself.

In case of loss of the password of the registered user or of his unauthorized use by a third party, the user must immediately change his password. If for any reason this is not possible, he must contact the company directly by sending an e-mail to or call 28310-25702 (Monday to Friday 10:00 - 22:00 and Saturday 10: 00- 21:00).

During the period until the change of the password or until our company is informed and proceeds to deactivate the password and create a new one, the registered user is solely responsible for any damage or injury to him or the company from the illegal and unauthorized use of his passwords and account.


If, while logged in to your account on our website, you remain inactive for XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX minutes, you are automatically logged out.

This contract and terms of use as well as any modification thereof are governed by Greek Law.

The courts of Rethymno, Crete, have exclusively competent courts for the resolution of the disputes of this contract.

Invalidity of any term of use or part of it does not invalidate any other term or of the Contract or part thereof. The remaining terms remain in force and fully develop their legal effects.

By accepting the terms of use, each user declares that he has become aware of them, has fully understood them and is committed to complying with them.

Without accepting the terms of use it is impossible to create the account and purchase through the online store.

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