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Our e-shop offers the possibility of the following payment methods:

Credit or Debit Card

Payment for the purchase of products can be made by credit or debit card. The following cards are accepted:


Bank deposit

The customer can deposit the money in the bank account of our company, which is provided to him during the process of choosing the payment method. The deposit can be made either electronically through the banks' websites (e-banking) or by deposit at the local branches of the banks. In case of deposit in a bank account, the order is accepted by us and the customer receives a corresponding confirmation message, as soon as we confirm the credit of our company account with the purchase price of the ordered products.

Cash on delivery

If the customer chooses to send the product by cash on delivery, then the product is sent to the exact location of his choice and the payment of the purchase price is made to the external partner of our company (courier), who has undertaken the transport and delivery of the product .

*In the case where the orders exceed the total amount of 200 € can not be sent by cash on delivery and the customer must deposit the amount in our bank account (by arrangement).


If you choose to pay with PayPal you will be asked to log in to your PayPal account with your personal login details. The use of Paypal ensures the immediate payment of the amount of the order and maximizes the immediacy in case of refund.

Payment for the purchase of products is made in euros (€).