Organic body products with certified organic

and natural ingredients and herbs, as well as natural cosmetics

from pure plant and flower extracts.

Choose organic shower gels, organic lotions or moisturizing butter,

body peeling, special care balms with shea butter (shea butter),

argan oil, coconut oil (coconut oil), items for the hygiene of sensitive

and other wonderful beneficial extracts and essential oils

to keep your body hydrated and strong.

You will also find organic soaps, anti-cellulite products

and specialized products to combat stretch marks

organic body oils, self tanning products with completely natural and

safe way, hand and foot care products and much much more ....

Bath Salts

The bath salts are considered rich in trace elements and impregnated with essential oils, inspired by the principles...


Use specialized bath and back products, exfoliating loops, for hands and feet and accessories specially designed to...


Here you will find biological body exfoliators from branded brands such as Eco By Sonya, Sukin and others, as well...


You have to discover the natural deodorants without parabens and chemical ingredients, which offer protective skin...


Find organic perfumes with essential oils and discover the intoxicating, feminine, relaxing and soothing properties...

Self Tanning

Use the organic self-tanning products to have a sunburned skin both all year round and whenever you wish, without...

Shower Gels

Shower gels with herbal ingredients and combinations of essential oils that contribute to the relaxation and calm of...

Balms & Ointments

Lt you go in the benefits of pure special care nourishing balms. Take advantage and renew your skin in depth.

Specializing Care

Categorized products to take care of every specialized need. Try the best organic products from the best brands in...

Body Oils

Discover the benefits of high quality moisturizing oils. Moisturize your skin and activate body & mind....

Moisturizing Body Creams

Discover natural moisturizing body creams that combine fragrances for all tastes and all the senses.

Sensitive Area Care

Natural, organic cleaning products, enriched with natural ingredients for the proper care of the sensitive area.


Get rid of cellulite with specialized organic products that penetrate the skin and remove the appearance of orange...

Coconut Oil

Discover the benefits of coconut oil on body, face & body.

After Sun

Treat your skin after exposure to sunlight and help your tan last longer naturally .

Body Mist

Keep your body hydrated, fresh and fragrant all day with aromatic body sprays.

Strech Marks

Keep your body hydrated, fresh and fragrant all day with aromatic body sprays.Organic and natural products...


Cleanse your skin with organic soaps.

Feet Care

Keep your feet groomed in a natural way effortlessly.

Hand Care

Keep your hands hydrated, giving them a feeling of purity and silky gently softness with natural and organic products.

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